Chobe National Park

Home to the elephants of Chobe the magnificent Okavango Delta and the haunting Kalahari

The Chobe National Park is one of Botswana’s best known safari destinations. The park has Africa’s largest herds of elephant as well as large herds of plains game supported by the perennial Chobe River

Located in northern Botswana, the Chobe National Park is the second largest in Botswana. The park is known for its superb all year game viewing and has one of the largest populations of game on the African continent. The Chobe River supports the largest concentration of elephant found anywhere with herds often in excess of a hundred animals.

Chobe National Park is also home to herds of buffalo, zebra and giraffe. These plains animals support high densities of predators such as lion, leopard, spotted hyena and cheetah. The Chobe National Park is also known for roan, sable, puku, tsessebe, eland, red lechwe, waterbuck and the rare Chobe Bushbuck. Kudu, Warthog, Wildebeest and Impala also abound in the park.

Along with the Chobe Riverfront the park has a wide range of distinctive habitats providing a variety of experiences. The Linyanti swamps are almost tropical and are found in the northwest of the Park, the unpredictable Savute channel and marsh are located in the west and support large concentrations of game. The hinterland of Chobe lies on Kalahari sands and becomes very harsh in the dry season.
Habitats found in the Park range from floodplains, mopane woodland, baobab trees and acacia woodlands, to verdant flood grasslands and thickets bordering the Chobe River.

Named for the Chobe River which originates in the Angolan highlands as the Kuando River, the Chobe National Park is dependent on the perennial waters the river provides, a respite in the dry season.

Chobe National Park Accommodation

Chobe Game Lodge

Chobe National Park, Botswana
Chobe National Park - Chobe Game Lodge

Chobe Game Lodge is situated on the banks of the famous Chobe River. The lodge is the only permanent accommodation in the Chobe National Park.

Savute Safari Lodge

Chobe National Park, Botswana
Chobe National Park - Savute Safari Lodge

Situated on the banks of Botswana’s fabled ‘Stolen River’ the Savute Channel, Savute Safari Lodge provides first class accommodation in this remarkable region.

Savute Elephant Camp

Chobe National Park, Botswana
Savute Elephant Camp - Pool Channel

Overlooking the mysterious Savute Channel, deep in the Chobe National Park, Savute Elephant Camp has a reputation for spectacular elephant sightings.

Chobe Under Canvas

Chobe National Park, Botswana
Savute Elephant Camp - Pool Channel

Situated at exclusive campsites in the northern Serondella region of the Chobe National Park, Chobe Under Canvas provides access to an area known for thrilling, actionpacked interactions between species.