African Safari Experiences

Riding Safaris

At One with the Great Herds

Riding safaris offer one of the most intimate wildlife experiences for experienced riders. With horses allowing close interaction with herds of antelope, riding safaris are the perfect way to experience a timeless Africa in much the same way the early explorers did over 100 years ago.

Riding safari outfitters are invariably independent and provide authentic safari experiences both mounted and in camp.

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Photographic Safaris

Preserving Africa for Future Generations

Photographic safaris allow guests to experience Africa in its majestic greatness. These safaris allow for the preservation of vast tracts of Africa and provide the space for the last true refuges of Africa’s wildlife. These remote areas allow for a first rate safari experience.

Accommodation is predominantly provided in semi permanent tented camps, designed to minimise man’s impact on these sensitive landscapes.

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Walking Safaris

Allowing a Special Perspective of Africa from the Ground

Walking safaris offer an alternative way to explore Africa’s wilderness areas. Whilst often included as part of the suite of activities offered by a camp or lodge, walking safaris are also offered to small groups as specialist packages.

Walking safaris are ideal for family groups, with many camps allowing such groups to book the complete camp. Activities can then be tailored to guest’s specific areas of interest. Walking safaris are often complemented with mokoro (canoe) and vehicle excursions.

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African Safari Accommodation

Chobe Game Lodge

Chobe National Park, Botswana

Chobe Game Lodge is situated on the banks of the famous Chobe River. The lodge is the only permanent accommodation in the Chobe National Park.

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The Elephant Camp

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Overlooking the Zambezi Gorge, within sight of the Victoria Falls, The Elephant Camp provides elephant interaction and first class accommodation.

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Shinde Camp

Okavango Delta, Botswana

Ker & Downey Botswana’s Shinde Camp provides five star accommodation in the Okavango Delta, one of Africa’s premier safari destinations.

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Mombo Camp

Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana

Perhaps Africa’s most famous safari camp, Mombo Camp provides unsurpassed safari experiences in the Moremi region of the Okavango Delta.

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