North Island Seychelles

North Island, Seychelles

Found in the ‘inner’ islands of the Seychelles, which are known as the most beautiful on Earth, North Island is a place of exclusive luxury within an exquisite wilderness sanctuary.

North Island Seychelles is one of the world’s most private tropical retreats. The retreat was crafted from materials harvested during the island’s rehabilitation and delights in a simple luxury and draws inspiration from the island’s marine environment. An eclectic collection of rough and smooth textures, extreme simplicity juxtaposed against the ultimate sophistication.

North Island’s 11 villas have recently been refurbished, securing the island’s reputation as one of the world’s ultimate island getaways. Set on the island’s eastern shoreline, each villa has direct access to the beach and is screened through clever siting and natural vegetation. The villas’ design complements the Seychelles tropical climate, airy and open plan.

North Island’s lounge and dining areas are just as spacious and well designed as the villas. Scenically spectacular the health spa and gym, library and dive centre, and a rim-flow swimming pool are all built into a granitic outcrop overlooking the ocean. On the western side of the island a sunset bar and restaurant provide the perfect place to watch the sun sink below the waves.

Activities on North Island reflect the relaxed atmosphere of the beach location. There is no schedule. With the Seychelles situated on part of the world’s longest coral reed systems diving is spectacular with guided scuba diving ensuring that guests get the most out of this unique marine ecosphere. Snorkelling is good, with masks and fins provided. Other activities include exploring the island by sea kayak, bicycling and on foot. A certain times of the year Hawksbill and green turtles lay their eggs on the beaches of the islands.

Overlooking the island’s dramatic cliffs the retreat’s gym and spa provide magnificent views over the ocean with the spa utilizing local ingredients in its treatment. The gym is well equipped with a variety of machines and weights and is air conditioned.

North Island itself has long history of human interaction, much of it exploitative. Since the 1970’s a fulsome and successful effort has been made to rehabilitate the island, testament to the hard work and dedication of the retreat team at North Island Seychelles.

In Outline



North Island Seychelles is accessed via Seychelles International Airport followed by a 20 minute helicopter journey.



From EUR 2 765


With a tropical climate the Seychelles does not reach extremes of hot or cold. Temperatures seldom drop below 24°C or rises above 32°C.

From November to March the islands are cooled by the north-west trade winds. The sea is generally calm and the weather warm and humid, with average winds of 15 – 22 kilometers per hour.

The Seychelles receive most of their rain during the months of December to February. It is fairly cloudy at times during those months. It is hot and humid from December to April with May to October being cooler and drier with livelier seas.


  • A private island retreat with just 11 villas
  • North Island’s signature style combines natural beauty with sheer luxury and a sense of place
  • The very best in privacy, accommodation, service, facilities and experiences
  • A sanctuary where natural beauty, indigenous flora and threatened fauna have been rehabilitated

Travel Notes

Game Sightings

The warm, clear waters surrounding North Island are filled with an abundance of sea life. On the ocean floor, hard and soft corals brighten the depths: dead man’s finger, green tree and staghorn corals, palmate sea fans and a variety of sponge life flourish. Nudibranches are often seen. Hugging the reefs are an endlessly colourful array of fish, such as spotted eagle rays, parrotfish, round ribbontail rays and white-tip reef sharks. Many members of the kingfish family, giant barracuda, wahoo, and sailfish move confidently through the depths. Seasonal whale sharks and giant sleepy sharks are an awe-inspiring experience.

Best Time to Travel

The Seychelles have a year-long warm, tropical climate. Those with particular interests should however note that: Bird-watching is best in April (breeding season), May to September (nesting of Sooty Terns) and October (migration). Diving is good from March to May and then again September to November. Snorkeling is good all year round. Sailing is once again good all year with walking best in May to September.

Bird Sightings

More than 200 plant species have been identified in 16 different habitat zones and a number of endemic invertebrates and reptiles thrive on the island. The marshland of the central plateau plays host to giant tortoises and a variety of waterbirds, including a small breeding population of the rare yellow bittern. Prehistoric looking pandanus trees with buttressed roots, cling to the sides of the outcrops and bright green, endemic day geckos with almost fluorescent orange markings clamber impossibly over vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Guest Safety

Guests are requested to take care at all times and adhere to guidance given by guides and camp management.